Have you ever wondered why your newsletter is not delivering results but newsletters from your competitors are? In this article, we take a brief look at the business blunders you may be making.

newsletter Newsletters are published content on a particular subject, aimed at a selected audience or for circulation within any organisation. Newsletters are a strategic way to boost traffic and sales to your business. They are also the perfect way to distribute employee news or necessary staff information. While most business owners have discovered the benefits of an effective newsletter, some still struggle with getting the results they desire.


Having effective newsletters is not as easy as it may seem. The fact is that newsletters are vital to your business’s online marketing hence must be approached with as much professionalism as other sectors of your market.


 Common mistakes that prevent your newsletter from delivering results


#1Not hiring a freelance writer

The first business blunder most entrepreneurs make when it comes to newsletters is not hiring a freelance writer with the experience and training of a professional copywriter. An effective newsletter has to be written by a professional to guarantee that it is targeted to produce results.

Now, some business owners might wonder why they would need a copywriter to provide content for employee news. The fact is that the audience of your newsletter does not change the structure you would require to achieve any results even if it is just informing your staff. If the content is not written professionally, then the mistakes only get worse from there.


#2Substituting an informational piece for a sales-driven one

newsletterMost business owners are so focused on email marketing and making more sales that they forget newsletters ought to be informative. Your audience gets bombarded daily with a good number of sales, offers and promotion. Your newsletter can only stand out if it offers relevant information that can interest your audience. A freelance writer is well informed on the scope and expectations of web users. This is why you need to hire them to provide engaging content that builds trust with your audience and gets the results you desire.


#3 Ineffective Structuring of content within the newsletter

To interest your audience a newsletter begins with structure. The first thing they would notice is the headline of the newsletter. Using headlines that are not catchy or moderately descriptive may bore your readers instantly. Some people might skip reading the content entirely.

Next to your catchy headline should be an equaling engaging sentence. If you lose your audience after the first sentence, then the purpose of the newsletter is defeated. Of course, such a problem would not arise if you hire a freelancer to give a professionally written and captivating content.

A freelance writer is experienced and knows how to deliver results regardless of the purpose or audience of your newsletter.

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Business Blunders: Why Your Newsletter is not Delivering Results

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