For a company turnaround strategy, product positioning or company growth strategy, understanding how the written word and your content is used as part of the solution is vital.

As a copywriting and content consultant, Matt Newnham adds value to many aspects of business and management consulting. One of the deliverables is a complete review of current copy both digital and print. Ascertaining the purpose, value and then positioning the copy and content in line with company procedures, operations and strategy is important. Being part of the overall message being sent is vital while continuously striving for operational excellence.

A second deliverable is producing copy and communication that works with and supports operational processes. This must aligng itself with existing or proposed strategies.

Many companies assume their copy and content is working for them. They think it is aligned with their sales, marketing and other strategies. This is because the documentation has stood the test of time and therefore appears work or should work. It may work but it could work better. It can almost certainly work smarter to deliver true operational excellence. A copywriting and content consultant helps organisations develop better content strategies in line with sales and marketing strategies delivering quality content that delivers a lot of bang for its buck.

Working hand in hand with seasoned professionals a content and copywriting consultant tweaks procedures, processes and strategies by producing or assisting in the production of written content when and where it is required. The value of the written word today is exceptional. Just one phrase of ambiguity or one unclear paragraph that cannot be read, consumed and understood fast enough could be the difference between a deal or no deal.

This professional service is provided globally and should ideally form part of a greater process while striving for operational excellence.