When the going gets tough the tough go marketing is a phrase used by many entrepreneurs and business managers in all industries. The world of business is as tough as it has been for many years and while it may seem right to cut back on spending it is all too easy to cut back on what matters most.

More and more companies are beginning to cut their marketing budget when the going is getting tough. My own business is feeling it. However, marketing, especially digital and online marketing should not be cut. While it may not be possible to increase marketing spend it can at least be spent better. Those of us in the digital marketing and copywriting space can sharpen our pencils to help. But what can you do that does not the earth yet still reaches your audience? Use your blog of course!

Low Cost High Value Blogs

Blogs can be part of any website and do not cost a fortune to get working and keep working. Understanding the value of a blog comes from understanding its purpose and extended use. A Blog is not just a static piece of content that sits on a website hoping to be found through SEO. A Blog, when given some support becomes a powerful communication tool that not only pulls traffic to your website but can be the direct cause of engagement and purchase.

Release the value of your blog

Releasing the value of your blog is where many businesses, especially small businesses struggle. Sometimes they struggle because they don’t know how. Sometimes they struggle because they don’t have time. This is where a content marketer and copywriter become the best pairs of hands a business ever had. A copywriter with marketing savvy crafts a blog with a purpose in mind, not only are the words clever but the article is structured in a way that it becomes so much more than just a blog.

Blog Becomes Social

A blog post can be shared on social media. We all know that but how many times can it be shared? Most small businesses write the blog then share it once across all the platforms they have. This is wrong, a well-written blog can be shared multiple times using variations on a theme. A good blog will contain soundbites that can be used to create a handful of engaging social media posts, each for a slightly different audience sharing the same story for a different purpose. Check out the simple blog and social package here.

Blog Becomes News

Beyond being shared broadly on social media your blog posts can create an interesting newsletter to send to your customers. But again, there is a right way and a wrong way to do this. The wrong way is to cut and paste the opening of your blog post and its title into your newsletter. The right way is to summarise the blog post with a catchy headline and link it to the original article. With a few blog posts each month you can soon get the copy for a powerful and informative newsletter that can give your salespeople useful information to help them call on your clients.

Beyond your blog

Does your blog have to be on your own website? No, having an article written for LinkedIn or Medium.com or a website your audience frequents is something that can be easily overlooked. The value of having one of your pieces published outside of your website gives tremendous credibility and stands a chance to get your business seen by others who would not normally be in your sphere of influence.

Cost and Value of clever blogging

The cost of blogging versus the value is often not appreciated. With a clever, savvy blog and blog writing team, your simple 500 or 1000 word articles soon get legs. The upfront cost of a single item that serves multiple purposes is outstripped by the value and your returns. To find out how much a simple clever blogging solution would cost you and the value you can obtain from it contact us today

Tough Times: Clever Blogging yields business returns

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