Knowing your Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats is crucial for any organisation. Whether you are new in business or have been trading for many years undertaking a managed SWOT Analysis is one of the best exercises any organisation can undertake.

Know What You Don’t Know

A SWOT Analysis may sound like something anyone can jot down on a piece of paper, and they can. However, if you take your business seriously, want to know why some things work and others don’t or if you want to position your business, product or brand for better results in an existing or new market you need to know what you don’t know. A SWOT Analysis can do this for you.

External Managed SWOT

Having an external expert conduct your SWOT analysis is essential. Unbiased opinion and just being there to play devil’s advocate brings answers to the fore that you perhaps would not ask yourself. In doing this you get to know what you don’t know about you and your market. Contact us today or call +27817082166