Putting a communication strategy in place in the 21st century is not a plug and play, leave it and run thing. Communication is a complex blend of written words, pictures, audio and visual and then some. Under communication, your website, PR, marketing, social media, letters and even presentations all come together and then some.

And them some

With over 3 decades of sales, marketing and communication experience Matt Newnham Communication works with a number of equally experienced partners and associates. From a simple once of promotion to a complex branding exercise the old school experience and expertise meets the new school tech and digital age to create “and some” that any organisation, company, product, service or brand needs for survival and success. From tourism to food to wine to technology to arts and crafts and even accounting at Matt Newnham communication the communication strategy you need can be implemented and managed to give you, your company and your brand the online and offline exposure you need to stand out in the crowd.

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If you are looking to communicate better, launch a product, relaunch a product or just gain the exposure you so desperately need and some send your brief through or contact us on +27 (0) 81 708 2166