Do not get confused between Marketing Strategy and Digital Marketing Strategy. Digital Marketing is a tool not a solution and Marketing is a set of processes, methodologies and tools used to drive brand awareness and sales in an organisation. Digital Marketing cannot exist without Marketing.

Marketing Strategy

Implementing a marketing strategy requires a solid understanding of your business, products and customers. A marketing strategy requires goals and objectives with targets and outcomes all of which should be measured and reported on. A marketing strategy should be aligned with the overall goals and objectives, as well as the purpose of a business or organisation. Implementing a marketing strategy means being open to ideas and considering alternatives to drive results.

Use an expert Marketer

To implement a marketing campaign it makes sense to use expertise that will work with you and “stir the pot” to help you see your organisation, product or brand from a perspective that your audience will recognise. It often means going back to basics and means frequent revisits and updates. Matt Newnham Communication and Strategy has the expertise to help you anywhere in the world and we are waiting for your call. Contact us today or call +27817082166