content marketingDoing business in today’s competitive marketplaces involves a lot of tough decision making to maximize savings and reduce expenditure.

For this reason, a good business strategy should involve taking a regular and detailed look at the numbers, rooting out the tasks which are taking up the bulk of the time, and then developing a strategy which utilizes available resources in the most efficient manner possible.

Google has long held the lion’s share of search traffic, and with the search giant’s preference for fresh, relevant, and engaging content, businesses have been feeling the pressure to regularly update their websites to earn or maintain a place in the search results.

Is There an Answer to the Pressures of Content Creation?

Content marketing will only grow in importance, and more marketing budgets will move online to reach an increasingly connected and mobile demographic. Unfortunately, online content requirements stretch further than a relatively simple weekly blog post. Multi-pronged approaches are needed to increase brand exposure, such as social media posts, email newsletters, webcasts, and pre-produced videos.

Large corporations often have the luxury of having the resources available to sustain a dedicated in-house content production team. Smaller operations are left to compete in a market which increasingly favours big business because of their superior ability to satisfy Google’s insatiable appetite for content.

So, how does the small enterprise cope with producing all the content they need to build their brand and attract more prospects? For the entrepreneur or small business, the answer may lie in outsourcing their content production needs.


Innovating and Increasing Revenue Through Outsourcing


Outsourcing freelance writers to take care of your content requirements is one option small enterprises have available which can provide the following advantages.


  1. It Gives you the Ability to Leverage Specialties and Experience.


content marketingThere’s more to content creation then just writing. Social media requires experience and expertise beyond stringing cohesive sentences together, and emai marketing comes with quite a learning as it involves the use of some very complicated software.

Different social media platforms appeal to different demographics. If you are unaware of which social media platforms your customers are using, then your efforts may very well be wasted if you take this task on yourself.

By leveraging the experience and knowledge of an expert social media and marketing veteran who is well versed in content creation, or an email marketing professional who knows the software, then you will be able to spend more time in your business completing the tasks at which you excel.


  1. It Saves You Money

Without outsourcing, the only options for content creation are to:

  • Do it yourself –   a time-intensive task which works best after years of experience
  • Hire an in-house team – this is prohibitively expensive for a small business

Outsourcing brings back control because you can set the content marketing budget at a level the business can afford, which will increase when revenue becomes available. Plus, you get your time back to stay on top of the many daily tasks demanding your attention.


  1. You can Use Different Types of Content to Your Advantage

The same type of content week after week soon turns stale. Every piece of content should have the goal of informing and adding value, but mixing up the format can improve results.

A page full of statistics will turn most of your visitors off, but an infographic can present the same information in fun, and meaningful ways. Case studies are an excellent format well-suited to discussing product lifecycles. Both of these types of content are challenging to produce if you haven’t the experience, but seasoned professionals will be able to get them out in a few hours.


How Businesses can Innovate, Cut Costs, and Increase Revenue Through Outsourcing

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