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This is a question I am asked a lot and one that is actually difficult to answer. There are a few points to consider when asking what will a digital marketing plan cost me and only once these points are known can an accurate costing be put together.

The Purpose

No traditional or digital marketing plan can be put in place until the purpose of your business, product or service is understood. Your purpose is your underlying reason for everything, it is your “why?” from which and only from which can your “how?” be developed. if you do not know your “why?” then you need to go back to basics – I can help contact me

Value vs Cost

What you want to achieve from a digital marketing plan must go back to your “why?”. Everything in a digital marketing plan or solution has a “price” and on the back of the “price” there is a value. To understand and appreciate the value you need to know your purpose and your “why?”. A fair price to pay is determined by how you value something and that value is directly proportional to your “Why?”.

Strategy and Process

Your strategy and process are vitally important in your digital marketing plan. Never get the two confused and always put your strategy first before you implement your processes. Ascertaining both of these, in line with your “why?” has a cost or value associated with it – again I can help you with this.

Bringing it all together

Once you know your “why?”, understand the difference between cost and value and know that you need your strategy before you can implement a process you can begin to understand what a digital marketing plan costs and why it cost what it does. Bringing together my expertise and the skills and experience of a close network of professionals enables your brand, business, product or service have the best hands in the industry bring it to life and at a price you can afford that will deliver the results you demand.

A Basic Digital Marketing Plan – Cost

Starting from : ZAR10,000 US$800 GB£650 per Month

Additional components:

  • Purpose and Positioning Workshop – 4 days + 1 Report back – once off
  • PR and Press Release
  • Podcast – 50% growth
  • Youtube Video
  • SEO
  • Rebranding – Graphics and Copywriting
  • Website – rebuild or new build
  • Sales Team Management

Contact us for a free (1 hour) consultation via Skype or Hangouts around your brand, company, product or service and we will provide you with a detailed digital marketing and business growth proposal. Email us 0r call +27 (0) 81 708 2166

What will a digital marketing plan cost me?

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