With many technological advancements in the modern world, businesses are changing their models to include online platforms for the promotion of their goods and services. They have resorted to amplifying their digital marketing efforts because people now spend more time on their social media apps. Targeting the right audience spells the difference between a failed business and a successful one. Generating online traffic and leads are the name of the game in promoting your brand. Here are some surprising ways your business can leverage digital content for continued success.

Use Facebook for Marketing

The reigning champion of social media is Facebook. It is the number one site where people connect with friends and families. It has evolved to become more than just a post and photo-sharing site. It is now a venue for businesses to advertise their goods and services through quality digital content that engages people and moves them to like, share, or comment. On top of that, with Facebook, businesses can directly interact with customers through comments, replies or through chat. In the Facebook interface, businesses can use several methods to showcase their content. Examples are making a Facebook business page, purchasing classic ads for placement on the newsfeed, hosting Facebook contests, utilizing Facebook paid promotion and using Facebook sponsored stories. 

Trade Shows

Trade shows have been a traditional, versatile and effective method for businesses to market their goods and services for many years now. The face-to-face networking opportunities that trade shows provide a boost to your brand. It is important to note that 81% of trade show attendees have buying authority. They can make decisions on the spot if they want to seal a deal with you. 

That being said, most businesses don’t reach their full trade show potential because they fail to incorporate digital marketing into their plans. Digital content has the capacity to refresh your image. It also helps in every stage of your trade show game from before, during, and after the event. Before the event, take advantage of digital marketing to spread the details of your trade show. During the event, you can do live-streaming and continue to share highlights on your Instagram or Facebook stories. Don’t forget to encourage the attendees to use your hashtag for their own posts. After the event, make sure to view those hashtags and get busy engaging with your clients. 

Factor in Cross-Promotion Across Channels 

Since digital content is best shared on social media platforms, do not forget to gently remind your followers that you have other official social media accounts. Cross-promotion across channels is one way to maximize your influence over your target audience. One side benefit is that your clients themselves can do cross-posts that create hype for your brand. For example, those who post on Instagram about your product can have the same post shared on Facebook. You can use the space in your bio to mention your other social networks, you can post a direct link with a call to action to follow your other accounts, or you can subtly remind followers by using a profile photo change. 

To illustrate, people who love Snapchat can use their Snapcode as their profile picture. Utilizing cross-promotion can help your business tap different market segments and expand your reach to increase brand awareness, which impacts your profitability.
Consider using Facebook or other social media platforms to increase clients and sales. Attending trade shows and using cross-promotions can also help the bottom line. Not sure where to begin with your digital content strategy? Matt Newnham offers content consulting services and more to help businesses like yours!

Surprising Ways Your Business Can Leverage Digital Content

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