Blogging is one of the most cost effective marketing tools any business really must invest in. Many businesses start out with a clear intention of having an amazing, informative and cutting edge blog with thousands of readers every week. Few make it happen and many end up with an out of date blog and this is not good for your business.

The Cycle Begins

Take a close look at a blog or two on any random website, especially a blog for a small business and you will see a pattern. When the blog was first started there
were frequent posts with great, unique content and fresh conversation. Time went by and the posts slowed down and then soon became less interesting and worse they were copies of posts from other websites. Soon the blog became a little stagnant before dying a death with a last post some years ago or the odd random post as a spurt of energy hit to try again… but again it was hard work and took time out of doing business.

Blog Facts

A blog is your platform for engaging with your audience to let them get a little under your skin or get up close and personal to you. It is your chance to share and
elevate your knowledge about your company, products and services that will set you apart from others. Not having a blog is costing you potential lost income,
being busy or not having time is no excuse.

Blogging is important, in fact 53% of marketers say blogging is their top content marketing priority. (Hubspot) and to give you some idea of just how powerful it is websites with a blog have tend to have 434% more indexed pages. (read more ( if your blog is out of date you are losing out.

What do people see when they see an out of date blog?

When people see an out of date blog they see an out of date website. An up to date website and blog is critical part of decision making for many
people, a litmus test of credibility if you like. If your business has an out of date blog and your competitor has one that is up to date, the chances of your competitor winning the sale increases, especially in more service related industries such as finance, recruitment and insurance. Your Blog informs the visitor, your potential customer, whether or not you are truly up to date and knowledgeable about what you do.

An out of date blog may well show out of date best practices while and up to date blog informs customers that you are up to speed and thus more trusted. The
simple truth is that it takes very little to keep a blog up to date and make you look like an expert above all experts.

What are you missing out on with an out of date blog?

Frequent blogging, just 350 words per post, with unique content and a few keywords your customers use will dramatically increase your ranking on many search engines. Over time a well written blog at the very least sustains a search engine ranking but above all keeps you relevant.

Over time the words and phrases people use to find exactly what you do change, terminology changes. With an out of date blog those keywords are just not there. If those keywords are not there you will not be found, it is really that simple.

With an out of date blog you are missing out on conversations with your customers and prospects. There are many ways to start a conversation with a prospect or customer and a blog is a comfortable place to start one. This is something few businesses fully understand or appreciate and the value that derives from it could be phenomenal.

An up to date blog gives you something to share on social media, by sharing more relevant content more frequently the engagement you have with your customers begins to yield results. But with an out of date blog you have nothing to share, and with nothing to share you have nothing to say… see the pattern?

How to fix your out of date blog

Your out of date blog is costing you business and it is as simple as that. However bringing it up to date and keeping it up to date is not difficult and it is worthwhile investing in. Time is the most common reason for not keeping a blog up to date and time is money. Setting aside time once a week to write a few short pieces to begin with is all some businesses need but for a good number this is just not possible for any number of reasons. This is where I step in as a freelance writing service producing regular, relevant and up to date content for your blog ( Written as you and absolutely unique this content is the key to getting your blog back on track and paying you back with excellent dividends with your web visitors and customer knowing you are the best at what you do.

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