It takes a challenge or two to wake a person up in life. To find out how capable a person is or is not and to realise the truth in things. Have a look around, my website is new… again!  It is new for a reason and a purpose, and here is why.

The reason for a new website

new website vikingI was overseas in the UK over Easter and a few days after arriving in Blighty my website was “Compromised”. Compromised is a modern term for something similar to what the Vikings did when they invaded Great Britain. Yes, compromised means my website was raped and pillaged. There was no recovery from the attack on my domain and despite the team at my ISP ( doing their best to fix things I eventually had to make the decision to switch off and let it die.

It was not an easy decision to come to, but much has changed inside me and how I run my business since my trip to the UK. The decision to switch off came easy and the mountain I envisaged before me was more of a molehill than anything like the Everest I saw. So, the reason was obvious but not so much the purpose, well, not until I paused and examined what was sat in front of me.

The purpose for a new website

Sure I could have created a replica of my old website and sure I lost some of my SEO and Google Rankings (I think) but the whole compromise of my website left me with something very few people get in life or in business. I had a chance to start afresh and focus more on what I love doing most and what truly pays my bills a lot easier than I realised. A new website was my chance to reposition myself with my writing and the sheer joy I get from writing for others. The purpose came out of the reason that came out of having my online village raided by a bunch of modern day vikings and I am more than happy.

New website, New Focus

Okay, not really a new focus but a better focus on what Matt Newnham does best, writing. I still offer marketing services but in addition to or associated with my copywriting and blog writing, I write and then put it into action it is as simple as that.

The new website hones in on my (and my team) creative, professional, business and other writing – my (our) strength. The new website is cleaner and fresher and because it has purpose it will deliver more for those who visit. With a website there is no time to faff about and this website gets to the point about what Matt Newnham does and does best. What Matt Newnham, Writer, does best is:

  • Business CopyWriting
  • Website Copywriting
  • Blog and Article Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Content Marketing

If you want something written then you are in the right place and over the next few days this website will come to life with all your professional writing needs to please keep and eye on things… better still make contact today!

The joy of writing for others: A new website

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