Writing emails effectively is a special skill that many professionals need to work on to get more clients.  Have you ever wondered why people do not reply to your emails? Or why it takes a number of emails to get your desire replies?

It could be because of your lack of professionalism and attention that you apply to business email writing. Email marketing is a top-notch idea for businesses to get more clients and to achieve success for the business through excellent customer service. Your skill in written communication is very important to the success of your business. Writing is an important medium in which you can improve your marketing strategy. You can use the writing skills of a freelance writer and can apply them to your email-marketing effectively.

Open the email with a catchy subject line

When you want to earn new clients, be honest and use a punchy subject line to attract your readers instantly. Use important words like read now, free, limited time only if you are offering a new service or product. You can also use the phrases like would you like to know or a few ways to…, when you are sharing important information.

Consider the subject line as the first point of contact with your subscribers. Make an effort and craft the subject line by taking some time to test and make sure that the recipients will open your mail.

Get to the point

Whether you are sharing important information or introducing a new service or product, your subscribers will know what the email is about from the first paragraph. It should show your respect for the time of the reader.  Getting to the point increases the chances to mention the name of the services and goods you are offering throughout the email. When creating your sales email use the name of your service or product at least three times throughout the email.

An important tip about paragraphs

Keep paragraphs short and simple. A paragraph should be one to three sentences long. Readers generally scan the email instead of reading every word in bulk emails, so getting to point in as few words as possible is vital.

Present Your Offer

In many cases, you need to write two types of emails, informational and sales. While the goal of both is to sell services and goods, sales emails are more blatant about it while the informational message provides valuable information with a smaller sales message at the end.

When writing a sales email, mention facts about your service or product twice in the opening paragraphs and once more in your closing. It is at this point that you should let the reader know about the potential discounts, special offers and other incentives for buying what you are offering. Don’t be shy about letting people know what you want them to do in response to your mail and show them where to order.

Make the offer short, concise and simple.  All readers prefer a clear, simple and concise approach when it comes to communicating with them.

Use lists

This is effective particularly when it comes to Email communications or email marketing. Using numbered lists of items is a good idea. Your readers will appreciate it and they will be able to easily find and retain the information.  Keep things tidy and arrange the points logically. It makes it simpler easy for the readers to refer to numbers in an email response to you if your subscribers want to respond.

People like to read the lists for good reason. Lists keep things organized in their minds. Your approach to email writing should be one that is easy for your audience to understand and tone that holds their attention and interest.

Show your professionalism

Email writing quality should always be professional. You should write in full sentences making sure you read them properly before sending. There should no grammar or spelling mistakes. You can check your mail through with different available proofreading tools to make it flawless such as Grammarly.

When drafting a business email, think properly and plan what you need to write first. Your readers will appreciate it. Just because you are writing a mail with professionalism it doesn’t mean that you cannot put your own personality into the mail. You need to add some “flavor”.  You can even inject humor if you like to make it more interesting for the client.

It is important to have a catchy content in your email, it should touch the reader’s mind to encourage a reply and increase interest in what you are offering. After all, you are sharing the email for their benefit so make the most of it.

Know your audience

When you are sending emails to get new clients, first you need to know your audience. If you know them, you can make the communication work for them. The bottom line is that you need to communicate with them in a way that helps you get a higher response faster. You need to be open-minded considering various types of mail when drafting any communication. Select the best one and customize for your different services and products.

Avoid too many follow-ups

Avoid sending too many follow up emails. This will break the flow and meaning of your emails. It will make you seem desperate and your emails will be considered spam or junk.

When writing emails to get clients don’t forget to link your mail to specific areas of your website.

How to write the perfect email to earn new clients?

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