Copywriting services in the UKMatt Newnham (Pty) Ltd has been providing excellent copywriting and content production services to the UK since the freelance operation started in 2014.  As part of the growth and development of the company, a new UK Phone number is now available.  For Copywriting services in the UK, the new phone number is:

A dedicated UK website will soon be operational with services and pricing uniquely compiled for the UK market. Rates for the UK will be competitive as our centre of operations is South Africa and thus the UK can take advantage of an excellent exchange rate. UK banking will shortly be established, for now, Paypal is the preferred method of payment. 

Copywriting Services in the UK from Matt Newnham (Pty) Ltd include:

  • Website Copy from £20 per page – complete websites negotiated for a fixed price
  • Blogs and Articles from £25 per 500 words   –  monthly contracts for 4 x Blogs per month from £75
  • Business Document Writing from £30 per 500 words
  • Creative Writing from £30 per 500 words
  • Press Release Writing from £35
  • Proofreading from 2p per word (£30 per hour)

Over the last few years, many companies and people have come to rely on Matt Newnham (Pty) Ltd for Copywriting Services in the UK. Those who have used our Copywriting services in the UK include:


if you are looking for superb copywriting services in the UK give us a call or send us an email   

Copywriting services in the UK – New phone number

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