content is kingCopywriting is a common term in online marketing. However, most people do not understand the proper meaning of the word. When someone asks what is copywriting the definition is usually difficult to pin down. In simple terms, we can understand a copywriter as someone that produces a copy or content, and of course, Content is King!

What is Copy?

Copy is described as the output of copywriters, or a handcrafted text that is designed to influence sales and marketing. So, what we mean is that a copywriter is literally someone that seduces your customers with words and persuades them to purchase your product or services.


Hence, from this exclusive function of a copywriter came the term “content is king“.


The digital market has long recognised the sole importance of content to the existence and success of business hence the slogan. Surprisingly, while copywriting is perceived as a necessary part of online marketing the value for professional copywriters has hit rock bottom.

Why are copywriters undervalued?

It begs the question, if content is king, then why are copywriters undervalued? There might be a lot of reasons why the purpose of a copywriter seems irrelevant to business owners and other parties in recent times. These reasons may include bad experiences with a few copywriters, inability or refusal to pay for quality writing, ignorance on the process and limited thinking.


We seem to have reached a point where technology has misled people into believing copywriting is nothing more than words and paper. As a result, most business owners tend to take to the keyboard themselves in an ignorant attempt to produce their own copy. Some get to realise the truth within the first few lines of the undertaking while others complete the work and go right ahead to post it. In the end what we have is a series of error-filled, poorly structured content on the internet.

The truth about Copywriting

The truth about copywriting is that it is an art. A copywriter doesn’t write haphazardly but is professional, experienced and creative to write with purpose. This is a skill that technology cannot bestow on anyone. Copywriting consists of a well-thought process that begins with research on a subject, evaluation of details such as the data acquired, target audience and purpose. Only after this does a copywriter take the pen to construct and creatively produce what is required.


A copywriter remains invaluable in these undervalued times although the effort put in to create a valid copy is now “commonised” by the people that need it the most.


Every business owner must learn to see the big picture. If little value is placed on such a critical element, then it is impossible to enjoy complete success. Quality content is the glue that holds all other website practices including SEO together. Rather than feign capability, invest in an effective web copy from a copywriter.

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If Content is King, Why Are Copywriters Undervalued?

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