Junior CopywriterOne of the biggest challenges a copywriter or a copywriting business has to overcome is demonstrating the value of copywriting versus the cost. A senior writer with plenty of experience produces outstanding copy but in an emerging market such as South Africa these can become costly and for start-up operations there just isn’t the budget. To overcome this, in the last few weeks a number of junior writers, many of them students, some retired executives from around the English Speaking world have become part of the team

I have personally now practised what I preach about outsourcing and saved money and increased revenue. At the same time this has created a product and service that suits the South African market well and for those with limited budgets delivers a less expensive option for great copywriting.  Here is a typical comparison in cost, as so many South African enquiries want to pay less and get more:

Blog Post 400 word +/-

Junior Writer –  R300

Senior Writer – R650

Website Copy 500 words +/-

Junior Writer – R350

Senior Writer – R700

These are just typical examples, however, preference is to not commoditise the service offered and rather quote on each project and find the right balance of cost vs. value for you –  Contact today for a free quote


New Junior Copywriters Now On Team

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