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Websites are not all about SEO and Google

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Website Copy Writing

At Matt Newnham Communication and Strategy we always go back to basics and get the basics right. Every organisation in the world started out getting the basics right but many have forgotten what the basics are. Our website copy and content writing service is all part of getting the basics right and we know a secret that is hidden in plain sight.

Our website copy writing produces well written wording for websites that does wonders for SEO and Google but does what all good writing should above all else. Our Google friendly copy writers know that people will ultimately read the words on your site and that copy must create the desired reaction from those people. We craft words that make people read more, enquire deeper or just get a really clear understanding of  what you are, who you are and what you can do for the reader.

Your website may look amazing but if the copy on the website is poorly written the good looks soon fade. Our website copy writers know how to look at your website in a way that you want every customer to. We take your message and make it enticing for humans to react and respond to without forgetting the bots and spiders that need to find the information.

Bad Copy Can Lose Sales

If you have a website that looks great but is not delivering the results you want let  our copy writing team have a look at what you have. Then let them show you not only how it should be written but how you can use it to drive not just traffic but sales. Remember there are huge differences when writing B2B and B2C our writers will help you.

Our copy writers understand where your website and its copy sit in your big picture. Let us write the words that make you look great. Better still let us show you how your website and its copy can become part of a simple, effective and affordably online marketing strategylet us release hidden revenue!!  Get Copy Writing