Value Add for Allied Companies

Let us make you look great

value add

Use our skills to add value to what you offer

and release hidden income

At Matt Newnham Communication and Strategy we are about working together and giving a leg up to others.  We know what we don’t know and thus we want to work with those companies who can deliver what we cannot.

We work with and add value to:

  • Web Developers
  • Web Designers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Media Houses

How do we engage?

We will always respect the wishes of our client and will wear one of your hats when discussing work with your customer. If you want our services to look like and feel like your company we will do so. If you have made is clear we are third party we will work with integrity and uphold your name at all times.

Lets talk money

value addAt Matt Newnham Communication and Strategy we like to play open cards and we like to be fair.

We have two ways of operating:

  1.  You take our fee and mark it up
  2.  We deal direct and you take a commission – either once off or monthly for X number of months

We are also willing to negotiate a rate exclusive to each partner for our services, however we do not see our services as a commodity as this devalues what we offer. We would prefer to work with our partners and their customers to deliver a service at a best price for all.

Our services are available for any organisation to use we will also work with you and look at your marketing strategies to ensure hidden revenue is released where possible.

All work we undertake is done so in strict confidence.

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