The Value of a Freelance Writer for hire to a Web Design Company

freelance writer for hire

As a freelance writer for hire many web design and web development companies overlook the value of a professional writer as part of their service offering.  Web designers and web developers are great at creating amazing websites, apps and other digital solutions. However, they sometimes lack the copy writing skills to really polish off the end product.

Take the strain out of finding the right words and use a freelance writer for hire

The value of a freelance writer for hire, especially one with experience and over two decades of marketing expertise can dramatically improve the service offering for a web design company. Websites all over the world look great but are often let down by the copy writing and content contained in them. Using the right words to engage a reader, explaining more in less is something everyone needs today and this makes a huge difference to the end website.

The Right Words

Getting the copy right on a website is crucial, calls to action, correct spelling, words that lack ambiguity and clear instructions are often the keys to success on a good website. Blogs, articles and other written copy for websites or in general for a customer all add value to the website design service being offered. A freelance writer for hire may often see things in a slightly different way adding a new perspective to website being delivered and sometime, especially in my case, extract more value and purpose from the website or app.

Don’t think of cost. Think of value.

Over the years, I have personally written and re-written copy and content for many websites. I have added value to the sites both in terms of good copy and content but also in increased traffic and conversion rates. Websites are not all about SEO, read this, but about getting the right visitor to engage. As a freelance writer for hire with some added marketing expertise the right person can work a special magic on a website.

A freelance writer should become part of the website design and development team and be brought in at the beginning of any project. With a freelance writer on your team there are also opportunities for extra income for your business. I am always open for some back scratching to grow business. With a freelance writer, as with an external or freelance graphic designer, a website design and development company becomes stronger and has an unfair competitive advantage. But is true.  With a freelance writer for hire working on your team you have a string to your bow that gives you that bit more to offer.

So, what does this freelance writer for hire bring to your table?

There are a few things that I bring that bring:

Outstanding website copy

Not just words that have keywords for SEO but words that engage and actually make sense. Clear, concise and ,where needed, punchy copy that conveys the voice of the website, person or company. This is perfect for landing pages, general websites and Apps

Engaging Blogs and Articles

Content is still king on a website the value of an up to date blog with unique copy is often overlooked. Just two posts, with keywords for SEO, can make a website really work for a customer. This can be adhoc or preferably on a monthly contract – contact me 

Marketing and Creative Writing

Very often a customer needs something creative written, marketing blurb for a new product or service. Using the right copy and words for this makes a huge difference.

Newsletter Writing

Working with web designers, Newsletters for customers take on a whole new lease of life. Combing the more technical skills of the web developer with the skills of a freelance writer for hire creates powerful newsletters and other mailers that generate superb results.


So, do you want to take your web design and development company to a new level of success and professionalism?  Have chat with this freelance writer for hire and lets work together to make your customers happier.  Contact me today



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