Survival and Success: The importance of Website Content and Copy

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website contentThree words define the survival and ultimate success of your website: Content is King.  These three simple words define a website and it is these three words that any webmaster must constantly consider.

Websites are not like a magazine, newspaper or a book, a website has to catch the attention of a viewer sooner than immediately. A person visiting your website is looking for something and the chances of that person stumbling upon your website randomly without something being sought is unlikely.  What your website presents, the images and most importantly the words, is vital and this is where a freelance writer plays an important role in your website.

It is undeniable that that the design of the website pulls people in and can see them hang around a little longer,  sadly in some cases the visitor is not so much mesmerised but hopelessly lost. Great images and lots of things happening can make a website look great but remember this:

Beautiful websites win awards, Informative Websites win customers

Finding the balance between great imagery and engaging content is golden calf of website design and development, and text is still and always will be the key to a successful website.   A freelance writer is an important person to consider when building and maintaining your website and here are a few reasons why the text on your website is so important:

website contentSearch Engine Ranking

There is some debate around search engine ranking because if one throws enough money at it they can get to the top spot and stay there with relative ease.  However, all search engines operate in a similar manner and use a series of algorithms that consider the relevancy of the information on your page or pages. Looking for keywords and keyword frequency and well as checking how current your information is helps determine your ranking and whether you are climbing or sinking. Good written content that is fresh and clear helps rank your website and helps pull people to where they can find what they need.


The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and the credibility of your website is in its consumption. No matter what your website is used for the content you have will determine your credibility. Interesting or unique content engages your visitors, and when this has value for your target audience it lures them deeper into your website. Informative content pulls visitors closer to engaging further with you and spending money.  Your own content, not regurgitated from other websites demonstrates your knowledge and understanding of what you do, and as has always been the case people will always choose people who know what they are doing.

Call to action

Adverts on your website are quite obvious,  “click here to find out more” is an advert of sorts and thus good copy and content increase the chances of this being clicked. If you use adverts on your page the golden rule is to ensure they are relevant to the topic, don’t just use adverts to fill up real estate.

Traffic Guarantees

There is no outright guarantee that assures you of traffic, but well written, informative and creative content and copy does come close to providing one. With persistently good content, your website will become a go-to source and when you understand your keywords and audience, more of the right traffic will come your way. Getting the balance of content and information right will see your ranking increase consistently and you will have narrowed your audience to a “Most likely to engage” simply because you have the words they want to hear, or at least read.

Increased Referrals

Repeat customers are nice to have but referrals are the cheapest to secure. Great content, useful information that is easily and frequently shared makes your website a winner bringing you business that you might not otherwise get. Well-Written, concise information on your website demonstrates that you are the master at what you do and good experiences are always shared.

For your website to survive you need content, for your website to be a success you need good content.  Content does take time to produce and this can distract you from the day-to-day management of your company. For this reason, many websites soon fall out of date. Partnering with a freelance writer frees up your time and helps keep your content fresh and relevant. A good freelance writer will take the time to understand you, your business and the objective of your website and can take your website from survival mode to success.

I am a freelance writer and spent over two decades in sales and marketing often struggling to keep websites up to date, get newsletters completed on time and just ensure all written correspondence and marketing material was correct. I know where I would have loved to have me in my pocket and I am here to help you today. Contact me




Posted on: July 12, 2017, by : Matthew Newnham

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