Stretch your imagination

As a writer there is one thing that is as important to me as writing words and that is reading them. My imagination is my greatest asset and I am forever grateful to my mother who encouraged me to read.

Reading stretches the imagination and rests the body. When reading the mind stops worrying about the problems in life and focuses on the page in front creating a sense of peace. For many of us taking time away from our worries is what we need to do more of and book is a great place to start.

But as a writer when the so-called “Writers Block” sets in I find the best solution is to read the words that someone else has written. In recent years for me those words have been written down in the bible but they can be anywhere. Airline magazines are another of my favourites and this year I will be reading quite a number of those as I head to UK a few times and over to the USA. Taking time out from my own writing and giving my mind and my imagination a good work out is how I write as much as I do.

Going to the movies some say is a great way to relax the mind and yes it is. But with a movie someone else has given you the images and little thinking is required. We all have different ways of imagining something we read about and until we see the person, place or object we don’t really know what it looks like. Take my Space Ranger Fred books, sure the illustrations help but how you really see a 6 year redhead with freckles in your mind is not how I or any other reader sees my character. Ginger and Freckles are each imagined differently and that is what makes a book so special, a movie just can’t match it. Making up the video to go with the written audio in your mind is what stretches the imagination.

If you have reached a tough point and lack the will-power or imagination to make it to the end, or if you have hit the part authors fear the most where writers block leaves you fumbling pick up a book and read it. Read a book to a child if you want total satisfaction, your imagination will be set free and your mind will be cleared.

Reading is a writers ally and best friend, writers rely on words and reading the words of someone else tops up the writers fuel tank. Go on, stretch your imagination and read a book.



Posted on: January 28, 2017, by : Matthew Newnham

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