Creative Writing

creative-writing (1)Creative Writing is where Matt Newnham excels.  Once upon at time to Matt is an adventure about to begin.  Matt Has ghostwritten a number Children’s books that have gone on to be published and his creative work is used by TV, movies and other writers frequently.

Matt will happily work with anyone who needs to have something creative composed. Anything from a short story,  small play or just some creative advertising work leave Matt Newnham alone with your concept and soon the ideas will flow.

Matt is currently in the process of finalising his first novel “The Seed Shepherd” that tells the story of Seven children that vanish into thin air in 1985 and one returns in the current age to tell fantastic Narnia style story whilst at the same time is arrested for a Murder he may or may not have committed.

Rates for Creative Writing Vary,  Copyright is negotiable.