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How much does a good blog cost?

The cost of a blog is continuously debated among writers and those they write for. The cost of a blog should really be irrelevant and rather the value of the blog should become the debated issue. The value of a good blog post can never be underestimated, if it captures the imagination and draws many […]


Where Social Media is headed in 2018

Stand out and the best and quickest way for this to occur is by using all social media avenues relevant to your ideal target niche. Many find themselves too busy to keep up, let alone participate in a regular basis but it is imperative you do you very best to keep up with all competition. […]


The Write Words Make Business Cents

I have to be really careful penning this blog post. It would be so easy to make a spelling mistake and present the wrong words to you. For those who are a little anal about spelling and grammar, mistakes are easily spotted and give me a little grumble inside. I am fussy about UK and […]


What do good coffee and a good website have in common?


Is Digital Marketing Making Us Sidestep the basics?

In all my years of a sales and marketing the one thing I have kept in mind is the basics.  The 101’s of marketing, communication and even business practice must never be forgotten. However a new generation of marketers, the digital marketers has emerged and with all the information produced the basics of sales and […]



Every now and then I stumble upon some amazing articles that fascinate me and humanise the digital world. Rupert Knight is an information Management Specialist with one of the leading retailers on the African continent, Shoprite. As  major retailer serving millions of customers every day the amount of data received from an operations point of […]

website smell

Animal Magnetism: Does your website Smell Good?

For many business and content management solutions nature has many answers. Nature is wonderful and smell is one of the most important functions of all flora and fauna that keeps them thriving even on the edge of extinction. Smell and scent are what attracts a mate and allows an animal or plant to reproduce. Each […]


Why an out of date blog is not good for your business

Blogging is one of the most cost effective marketing tools any business really must invest in. Many businesses start out with a clear intention of having an amazing, informative and cutting edge blog with thousands of readers every week. Few make it happen and many end up with an out of date blog and this […]


Story Telling: What is your about us saying?

What is the most visited page on your website? For many businesses and organisations, the most visited page on their website is the “About us” page and many fail to make a great first impression. This page is your chance to tell your story but very few do, some try too hard and the message […]


The Art of Telling Stories… why it is good for your business

Content marketing is about telling stories and I do it well.  It is about sitting your client, almost like a child,  on your comfortable virtual lap and telling them a good story.  A story uplifts their spirit and refreshes the soul,  giving them hope for tomorrow and making them think and then act. It makes […]