Who is Matt Newnham?

Matt Newnham: Wordsmith and Writer (and TV Presenter) and Marketer extraordinaire. In his own words…

As a marketer and writer with hands on, at the coalface, experience in making lots of noise and getting people and companies seen I love what I do. But I didn’t start out as a marketer, or even in an office.

I started out farming in Sussex in the UK. You may well ask what this has to with marketing today and I will tell you that it has everything to do with it. Farming in many ways is flying by the seat of you pants and going back to basics to make things work using what you have in your pocket.

What you have in your pocket is where I have created a simple, effective and affordable marketing solution that works by going back to basics, revisiting a more raw form of marketing. Sadly many organisations and indeed many managers have leapfrogged this important raw marketing phase. Because of this there are chances that they are missing out on business. For organisations that have limited marketing resources this or for new businesses the strategy gives them a chance to really get down to business.

I have always loved the written word and my writing skills have been used as lead generators for organisations around the world. I learned to talk the talk to perfect the objective of getting  your best sales person in front of the person with the power to sign off on a deal or make payment.  Really my objective is to just get the right people engaging with your right people. It is about communication and for those that know me communication is one of my love languages.

Over the last two and half decades since leaving farm life behind me my marketing has been me. Today I have brought together every little piece of my experience to deliver a simple, effective and affordable solution that can be applied to virtually any business anywhere of any size provided they are willing to think logically.

I like to think that my writing and understanding of how words work have been my strength. I am happy that my writing has been used for small and large companies, website designers and developers, charities and TVRadio and Film to add value or attract audiences. I love using my words as part of a marketing strategy, hence the foundation of this business. I also love to help others win.

For the last four years I have been a full time freelance writer for hire writing in a manner that used my many years of practical experience in digital marketing, branding, email marketing, content marketing, as well as blogging. In those for years I have written killer website copy that is not just search engine friendly but also human friendly. I learned the value of words realising it was my writing that took me to the top of my marketing game.

Today everything I have ever done has come full circle and met in the middle:  Farming, telesales, written  communication (old school before email), marketing, branding and planning. My public speaking confidence also comes to the fore.

About Matt’s writing

How do I explain my personal writing:

My writing (one of my passions) is:

  • Easy to read
  • Informative, interesting and engaging
  • Search-engine friendly (SEO)
  • Social media friendly
  • Human Friendly – has emotion and a voice


I couple this with over two decades of experience in:

  • Digital marketing
  • Offline marketing – brochures, packaging
  • Email marketing – Newsletters
  • Brand management
  • Business Documentation Production
  • Website copy writing
  • Travel Writing
  • Lead Generation
  • Motivational Speaking


Many ask “Why hire Matt Newnham as a writer?

I am professional, mature and extremely creative.

I work to strict deadlines and people like my work – nearly every customer is a repeat customer

Now I can also say that I make my words work as part of a simple, effective and affordable marketing strategy

There are few other writers like me.

I have been branded “The Master of Emotional Appeal”

I am a published Children’s Author

Need proof of my work?

My work has been  published and used all over the world – you could be next!

I have been and am ghost writer for a number influential people who just don’t have the time to write, I produce journalistic work for radio and TV stations. As you can tell, I am a versatile freelance writer for hire.

My writing has been shared across social media and has reached thousands of people.

If your business needs traffic, then a freelance writer can assist. If you business need traffic that converts to sales then I am your man.

Other Talents….

Matt Newnham has been the lead presenter in a number of documentaries… 2018 will see more of this

Cape Chamber Golf Day  – Presenter and MC

NSRI Open Day  – Presenter and Interviewer



Matt Newnham: Author

Matt Newnham is a published author. Space Ranger Fred is a series of children’s books that readers all over the world have come to love.