Get Started Marketing Strategy

marketing strayegyGet Started Online Marketing Strategy AKA: Back to Basics the Get Started Online Marketing Strategy gets your ducks in a row in terms of marketing. Twenty Five Years of hardcore Marketing, telesales, sales, branding and content and copy management culminate in this simple, effective and affordable strategy.


Who is Get Started for?

The get started online marketing strategy is perfect for small businesses, larger organisations with teams or who are want to focus on a niche product of service in their business. The plan is perfect for any company who has a limited or small budget and wants tangible results. Get started is also ideal for companies that want a marketing person or team but lack the funds or business capacity to have this.

What does get started offer?

The Get Started Online Marketing Strategy is a true back to basics marketing strategy that does what every organisation knows they must do using information and tools they already have in place.

This simple, effective and affordable digital and content marketing strategy is a bare bones solution that has has yielded massive returns for those who know its secret. The secret is your time and a little bit of effort adding in an old school task that few people truly appreciate today.

Get started includes:

  • Complete Review of your online and offline written documentation
  • Up 10 blog posts per month
  • Up to 10 social media posts per day
  • Up to 5 email marketing campaigns per month
  • Reporting on all activity – Cool, warm and hot leads

Benefits of Get Started

  • Saves you time to do what you do best
  • Feels like you have your own in-house marketing team
  • Saves you money
  • Creates actual leads or interest
  • Brings expertise to your business
  • Takes your marketing back to basics to win
  • Proven Strategy Worldwide
  • Makes you or your organisation look great

Optional for retail and hospitality:  Beacon Technology

What does Get Started cost?

Considering a half decent marketing person will cost you upwards of R12000 per month, Get Started starts from R3495 per month

Because Get Started is a modular solution is can be customized to meet you needs. Remember most organisations have everything needed to make this work but most lack the time and expertise to implement it.

To get Get Started today contact Matt Newnham Communication and Strategy  081 708 2166  or click here  Get Started