Get Going for Hospitality

Hotels, Guest Houses, Restaurants and Bars all need to reach more customers. The Get Going for Hospitality simple, effective and affordable marketing strategy gets down to the bare bones of your marketing. A simple, Back to Basics approach reaches your audience and engages them in a fresh and very personal way that many say has been forgotten in marketing today.

Who is Get Going For Hospitality for?

Get Going for Hospitality is for any hotel, guesthouse, bar or restaurant that wants to reach their audience directly.  Hotels and guesthouses especially, spend a fortune on clever marketing that does not always yield the results they expect. There is a very clear reason why technology and social media don’t necessarily get the customers hoped for. The fact is that the basics have been forgotten, marketers think they are clever and technology has made us lazy and it is not as smart as we really think it is.

What does Get Going For Hospitality do?

Get Going for Hospitality really goes back to basics and initially examines what marketing is currently happening and identifies the true goal not the one that is hidden in the mist. Taking a simple and proven marketing strategy, incorporating some of what may already be working and simplifying things we help you take back control over who you are reaching.

The strategy is designed to be easily implemented on limited budgets with extremely defined outcomes. It may require a little rethinking in terms of the organisation but the goal has a much higher than normal chance of being hit.

Get Going for Hospitality includes:

  • Complete Review of your online and offline written documentation
  • Up 30 blog posts per month
  • Up to 10 social media posts per day
  • Up to 10 email marketing campaigns per month
  • Reporting on all activity – Cool, warm and hot leads
  • Beacon Technology


Each Package is modular and can be structured to suit individual requirements

Benefits of Get Going for Hospitality

  • Saves you time to do what you do best
  • Feels like you have your own in-house marketing team
  • Saves you money
  • Gets you closer to your customer
  • Creates actual leads or interest
  • Brings expertise to your business
  • Takes your marketing back to basics to win
  • Proven Strategy Worldwide
  • Makes you or your organisation look great

What does  Get Going for Hospitality cost?

Packages start at R1795 per month for guesthouses  and R5795 per month for hotels

Get Going