Freelance Writing: Real Reward

As a freelance writer I have the opportunity to do things, go to places and meet people that many people will never get and… I am paid for it. However, there days when I get to have the freedom to do something far more rewarding and then there are days where my loving, caring nature and my Christian Faith mean I walk God’s path for absolute reward.

On God’s path, there is no physical payment, maybe a hug and sometimes a smile but my physical bank account does not go Ka-ching. My love tanks, happiness tanks and even my heavenly-ever-after bank account though are very much filled in true Psalm 23 manner and overflow. It cannot be described how rewarding this is and how much it helps me become not just a better writer but also a happier person. Being there when the proverbial hits the fan or just doing something to put a smile on someone’s face when they have not had it entirely easy is so rewarding. I do not expect anything back in return, I never ask and I know my own kindness and love has been my Achilles heel and in its strength has become my weakness. But do what I do, from the heart with a smile is what I will always do.

The real reward for a freelance writer is not so much the payment but the reaction, the knowing you have helped someone, changed someone or just made them smile, think or open their eyes. Sure, I love hearing the beep beep on my phone when I have been paid, we all do, but to become a good writer what is felt in the heart matters so much more.

Many great authors write from the heart, the best books are not always written with profit in mind. I know with Space Ranger Fred my goal is to make children smile and enjoy reading, and for every smile I get I feel a magical reward. Writing with a happy heart makes better reading and as a Christian, I feel something more than tangible that makes it all worthwhile.

The real reward for anything surely must be happiness; life is too short to be in a job you do not enjoy just to pay the bills. I don’t regret a moment of quitting my job to go into writing full time, I had good reasons, none of them financial, for doing so and now the real rewards are showing. Freelance writing does make money, don’t get me wrong , but there are many more non-financial rewards that make it so much better than any other job I have done. Take this last week or so, I have been to the opening of a restaurant, been to the theatre, been to a fun fundraising event, and applied my trade at all. But I have also had the time and capacity to help a friend in need, pray with someone who needed prayer, make a young boy smile, spend some time helping a friend with her technology and enjoy time with my son. I have done more in a week than some do in a year and my real reward as a writer is contentment.

My freelance writing career is on the up, it improves every day and new clients come my way more than every day. My faith fuels what I do, I believe I can be and will be more and each time I pray and believe I receive. Happiness lies in my heart, a heart full of love and kindness and living and working this way each and every day is an absolute reward.


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