Dreams don’t end when you meet your hero

Not so long ago I was sat in a car park outside Bayside shopping centre, just outside Cape Town in the rain abusing the free internet they had at the time. I never knew but this was the start of dreams coming true.

What was I doing?

Got dreams? Put them to the test

I was changing my life and so much more. I was attending a workshop called “Put your dream to the test”, a series of phonecalls studying the John C. Maxwell book “Put your dream to the test: 10 Questions to help you see it and seize it“.  Today I met the man who wrote the book and found a dream that was once so far away and out of reach had come to a conclusion with a handshake from the person who in many ways got me to where I am.


maxwell dreams come trueI met John C.Maxwell,  I have had the pleasure of watching him in action and seeing him up close. I was like a kid about to meet his favourite sports star and I knew this was a tickbox somewhere on a junction of a complex and beautiful spiderweb of life, my life. The dream I had come true was to become a published author, this came true on December 18, 2015 and came true because of being guided through the teaching of John C. Maxwell. The dream had happened and the man who guided me through the dream to the point of what some would call conclusion, Mr Dieter Jansen, recently asked me “what happens after the dream?” and I struggled to answer.

I also recognise that an entire series of events built up to the point where a dream and multiple dreams came true, some of the aspects were not nice but each vitally important. I look back with a tremendous amount of gratitude and realise that without following the path that I had I would not be anywhere near where I am now. I learnt to make what i desired come true and align it with my faith as to what God wanted for me and that is not easy for many to do.  But only by having all this, doing things intentionally and being willing to trust can any dream even have a chance of happening.

After the dream an adventure begins, the dreams get bigger, they scare you more, they become more challenging and still at the very heart of it all one thing remains… the dream is achievable with faith. John Maxwell asks “what side of the comma do you live on?”  in reference to John 10:10 “I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of.” (MSG) and the side of abundance and more is the side I choose to live on. True the abundant side of the comma requires a little more work and a great deal more intention but the rewards are self-evident.

When I Put my dream to the test, tucked away inside the dream was to meet John  C. Maxwell, the man whose writing and words has inspired me to achieve what I am and to achieve yet more still. On Sunday 18 September that dream came true and just because it came true it doesn’t mean it has ended. No, far from it, the dream morphs and changes and grows and from that comes more enjoyment and more reward. There are very few who can say what I am saying, there are more failed dreams laying in the scrapyard of life than there are dreams that are freely being lived and enjoyed and I am glad to be on the better side of the comma, the side many are afraid to step over to.

But where to from here?

The dream continues, new challenges await and new mountains beckon to be climbed. My second Space Ranger Fred book is due out soon, the book being written here in Knoxville is taking shape, my own novel is almost complete and there are fresh new people to meet and share life with. I want to know God more, that is part of the dream and it is vital in all I do and above all I seek abundance not just financially but in so many other areas of life.

My dream has not just come true, my dream is alive. Many choose to focus on bringing a dream to life but I choose to live mine every day and this choice is open to everyone and anyone and I am glad I live it.

Posted on: September 19, 2016, by : Matthew Newnham

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