Every now and then I stumble upon some amazing articles that fascinate me and humanise the digital world. Rupert Knight is an information Management Specialist with one of the leading retailers on the African continent, Shoprite. AsĀ  major retailer serving millions of customers every day the amount of data received from an operations point of view is impossible to imagine. Rupert Knight has take data and meta data and given a completely new spin on it that makes you think because data does not only come from computers.

Using the concept of liking someone, kissing them and feeling mutually happy is quite appropriate as we come close to Valentine’s Day and the LinkedIn Article I am sure will wake you up to the value, importance and even danger of data.

When it comes to measuring a business data is key but Rupert Knight convinces us that we can measure humans the same way. From a marketing perspective this is fascinating and I trust you will find the same. Here is his quite brilliant open statement:

Data is elementary! The greatest fictional analyst of all time Sherlock Holmes said “Data, Data, Data! How can I make bricks without clay ?” Today data is seen as something machines generate but this is not the case. Life is data. We are the Analysts, Architects and Builders. We are the ones who extract it, then load it at speeds faster than light and transform it over and over again, until it becomes the reality that we live.

Data is life. We are the tools it uses to generate further life. Data is the fuel of evolution. The atomic granularity of the data life produces appears to be infinite. We continuously try to prove this using science. For example, if someone smiles at you in the street or kisses you and makes you smile and your heart skips a beat, think of it as a product of data. That person saw you and you being the data that transformed you into their joy and ultimately yours too.

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Posted on: February 12, 2018, by : Matthew Newnham

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