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Digital and Content Marketing – What is the hype?

Digital and Content Marketing is a something that has been around since the dawn of time only there were no websites, facebooks, blogs, vlogs or anything we take for granted today.

Matt Newnham has been marketing and helping businesses market themselves since the dawn of the digital age working on early ecommerce sites and taking paper brochures and sales letters to the screen.  Nothing has changed in what people want but how it is has changed in delivery has?

Or Has it?

Matt Newnham Communication go “Back to Basics”  and for any business get them marketing themselves in a new school market using tried and tested old thinking.  We put beyond simple strategies in place that deliver results – we reverse engineer digital marketing and make anyone or any business look great.

Basically we take words and pictures and get you seen, read and heard by the people that need to see you, read about and hear about you. We start the conversation that gets you in the door using simple tools. We also encourage one simple thing the new generation don’t know how to do!  – Find out what this Contact us

What do we offer?

We offer simple, effective and affordable marketing strategies that work for most organisations.

Our strategies will:

  • Save you time
  • Get you seen by those who matter
  • Save you money
  • Increase Revenue

We are busy creating vertical strategies. We currently have:

  • Start-Up Booster –  Reduced Cost Solution for start up businesses less than 3 months old
  • Get Started – Perfect for small businesses, those with small budgets in almost any sector
  • Hospitality – A flexible solution for small guest houses to large chains of hotels. Perfect for Golf Course and Restaurants too
  • Ecommerce – A tailored solution to fathom out how to sell your product online
  • Beacon Technology –  perfect for retail and hospitality. Integrates with most strategies – visit our partner Proxim8

We also offer Blog and Newsletter Services