Animal Magnetism: Does your website Smell Good?

website smell

website smellFor many business and content management solutions nature has many answers. Nature is wonderful and smell is one of the most important functions of all flora and fauna that keeps them thriving even on the edge of extinction. Smell and scent are what attracts a mate and allows an animal or plant to reproduce. Each flower, tree, hyena, elephant and even human being has a scent that makes them attractive to another. Without that scent, the pheromones  and hormones, the vast majority of the world would not exist, perhaps you may never have been born if your parents did not smell right.  Your website copy also needs to smell right for your organisation to survive and grow. How does your website smell?

Smell Loved

Think of someone you love up close, think of your husband, wife or child. You love them for many reasons, but there is also a scent that you adore about them. That new born baby smell is something every parent loves and that smell is as it is on purpose. If babies smelt like old rope we would not love them it really is website smellthat simple. Think of the perfume or aftershave your loved one wears. Some fragrances stink to put it bluntly and put you off, some of the aftershaves attract more flies than other humans lets face it. Smell is important, in humans it tells us we need a bath or allows us to let others know we are there. In animals the smell is the mating signal and if one male is attracted to the smell of a female but he does not smell right, trust me he has no chance of getting lucky.

Flowers and plants smell to attract their pollinators; bees, flies and other insects and bugs love smell. As people we love that smell but while we may love it the purpose is for sustaining the population of the species above all else. The equivalent of smell for a website is the words on it. Words have a tone to them and words allow us to imagine things and respond appropriately, just as smell does to us and other animals. Having the right smell to your website can determine your ability to survive, basically the words on your website can be the deciding factor determining who buys or interacts with you or not. This much like mating in the animal kingdom and really is survival of the fittest… or best smelling!

The smell of your words

The scent of your website is determined by your choice of words. The words you need to be fresh and clean, they need to be this year’s fragrance not something from last year’s collection or something bought from a flea market trader. Your words create a vision of your company, product, service and people in the minds of your visitors. Just like flowers that have a scent that travels many miles to attract bees so your words must do the same to attract traffic. This is SEO and your keywords determine how far your scent travels and who reacts.

If your smell is stale it will travel bit will not find the right pollinator, people will turn their noses up and walk away. With stale copy you will have no bees coming to your website and thus no honey can be made. However if your smell is fresh, because you have the words and information the bees want to smell then you will attract hives of bees and make some of the best honey imaginable.  The actual words you choose can easily be what makes your copy and content work for you just as smell works in nature.

Fresh Smells Better

Website copy can easily become out dated and this is where so many websites fail.  A website should not be static it should be alive and kicking. Your copy should be alive and compelling, the right words make all the difference. Do not let your website copy become stagnant and idle, your “about us” for example should be continuously tweaked.

A huge no-no and automatic website fail is for companies that resell products. It is way too easy to copy and paste the content from the vendor and stick it on your website. Very often the vendor has used a professional copy writer to produce that content but for you to get the most out of it you must give it your own spin. Hire a writer if you must. The copy on your website must be your voice, you are not just a follower you are always a leader and unique in how you win and do business so let it show in your choice of words. Let the words on your website become the your fragrance that customer love.

A regular refresh of your copy is always recommended. You know that smell when someone needs a bath or a shower?  That smell is the same with overworked and old website copy. Your website needs to bath or shower frequently  and a refresh will work wonders. A refresh of the copy on your website will create an attractive fragrance that search engines will fall in love with, but do not be to rigourous  as there are parts of the wording that Google still loves, this is where a good copy writer will yield dividends for you.

NB: Web designers take note… a refresh of content offered as a service adds a real sting to your bow!!

In conclusion, making your website smell great is the best way to attract those that will help you stay alive. The animal kingdom often provides many answers to challenging business solutions and the smell of your website is just one of them. Are you ready to make your website smell great?  Start here

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