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Matt Newnham the most creative and experienced freelance writer for hire who produces outstanding copy that delivers amazing results on time and within budget for businesses, magazines and individuals.

About Us

If you need anything written you have arrived in the right place. “Writing is easy” so everyone says but writing the right words is not. “Writing doesn’t take any time at all”  so everyone says, but surely you have better more productive things to do than writing?  Writing is what Matt Newnham Freelance Writing does to be productive to help others become more productive.

With two decades of marketing experience and a love of words Matt Newnham is a writer delivers results. Matt established Matt Newnham Freelance Writing in 2014,  a boutique writing and communications company focused on delivering tangible results for anyone who needs the right words in the right place. Matt Newnham Freelance Writing delivers compelling website copy, and engaging blogs and articles and has a growing portfolio of clients worldwide.

Matts experience as a marketing executive ensures Matt Newnham Freelance Writing is responsive, intentional and professional in every project undertaken. Freelance writing is much more than just being able to write great words. Freelance writing is about delivering exceptional service through  clear communication and going the extra mile each and every time.

Matt Newnham is the founder of Matt Newnham Freelance Writing, changing to Matt Newnham writing and communications soon. Matt is approachable and professional and will always plant a seed of advice or positive thought to ponder with every engagement. If you need more than just words to get your message across, hire Matt Newnham Freelance Writing today and let our words do your talking.