5 Reasons Why Hiring a Freelance Writer is Good for your Business

As a business owner, you have to wear many hats. One of the most important parts of your business is marketing, but this vital component for generating and sustaining business often gets shoved to one side. Marketing gets moved or neglected because of other projects, so-called “real business” takes over.

There are companies who are fortunate enough to have their own marketing teams or at least a marketing person but even then marketing gets demoted thanks to on-going projects, emails and meetings to discuss what happened in the last meeting. Day-to-day work takes over and the job doesn’t always get done as it should.

I am a freelance writer, one who has also spent 20 years in a busy sales and marketing environment and I know the challenges that businesses of all sizes face. I offer a professional freelance writing service that helps companies with their blogs, email campaigns, business proposals and other business or marketing materials.

Why should you hire a freelance writer?

When your business writing requirements are outsourced to a reliable freelance writer there are many benefits. Here are 5 reasons why hiring a freelance writer is good for your business.

1. Cost-effective – In a growing business, the number of tasks you have to take control of will grow. With a Freelance Writer, you only pay for the services you need and can take some pressure off you when needed most. An in-house person that can write for you can be costly and of course, there are contracts and so on to think about.

With a writer working for you on a freelance basis you have control of the person, no added office or desk costs and you actually save money on an important aspect of your business.

2. Flexible – The good thing about using a freelance writer is the flexibility. You can use a freelance writer for a once off letter or email or on an on-going, long-term basis. A freelance writer can become an extension of your marketing and communications department with none of the trappings and costs of a full-time employee.

Very often, a freelance writer can deliver a fast turnaround option, as I do, and the freelance writer becomes a life saver.

3. Save Time – Time is the most valuable commodity of any small business owner or busy executive. Writing takes time and it is not something that can be done simultaneously with other tasks. A professional and reliable freelance writer can handle projects for you and take over the writing tasks that you never get to and free up yourself and other members of your team.

4. Quality, Creativity and an understanding of words – Good writing is an art form and while anyone can write few can give the writing the impact it demands in business today. Freelance writers have to be creative and at the same time strategic is what they write and for marketing and sales in today’s tough times this gives any business the edge. A professional freelance writer will take the time to craft the perfect message for the purpose.

5. A new perspective – A freelancer is not bogged down by office politics and the “this is how we have always done it” and sees things from outside the fishbowl. A freelance writer will bring fresh ideas, a range of experiences and is just able to see things differently in a way closer to that of your customers. Getting a new perspective from a freelance writer may be the change your business needs to gain added market share.

A freelance writer exists to help your business, give you a brand new look or just free up your time and help you grow. The value of a freelance writer is the secret to the success of many companies and maybe it is time you took a closer look.

Is your business in need of a professional freelance writer? Contact me and I am here to help


Posted on: July 7, 2017, by : Matthew Newnham

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