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I am Matt Newnham. I am a Sussex boy now living in Cape Town, South Africa. I have always loved books, reading and storytelling. I have a crazy imagination that was only unleashed in 2014, up until then I had a pretty normal job selling and marketing business software.

I am writing a serious, well seriousish, fantasy adventure novel called “The Seed Shepherd” based on my childhood but it is my Children’s book “Space Ranger Fred” that has been my baby for a while.


Space Ranger Fred is an out of this world adventure for boys and girls aged 6 to 10. The series of books tell the story of 6 year old (nearly 7) Fred Sanders who dreams of becoming a space ranger like his comic book hero Zando Centauri. One day Zando Centauri lands his rocket ship in Fred’s Garden and needs his help. Fred agrees to help and a series of amazing adventures doing things only young kids can do begin…..Space Ranger Fred and the Shoelace Adventure was released on 18thDecember 2015 as an eBook and a printed book.  The Children’s book is available on

Space Ranger Fred and the Umbrella Rescue is now available in on Amazon and Smashwords

Matt Newnham is active on Social Media – Twitter @MattNewnhamZA and Facebook

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