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website smell

Animal Magnetism: Does your website Smell Good?

For many business and content management solutions nature has many answers. Nature is wonderful and smell is one of the most important functions of all flora and fauna that keeps them thriving even on the edge of extinction. Smell and scent are what attracts a mate and allows an animal…

Why an out of date blog is not good for your business

Blogging is one of the most cost effective marketing tools any business really must invest in. Many businesses start out with a clear intention of having an amazing, informative and cutting edge blog with thousands of readers every week. Few make it happen and many end up with an out…

Story Telling: What is your about us saying?

What is the most visited page on your website? For many businesses and organisations, the most visited page on their website is the "About us" page and many fail to make a great first impression. This page is your chance to tell your story but very few do, some try…

The Art of Telling Stories… why it is good for your business

Content marketing is about telling stories and I do it well.  It is about sitting your client, almost like a child,  on your comfortable virtual lap and telling them a good story.  A story uplifts their spirit and refreshes the soul,  giving them hope for tomorrow and making them think…

The Value of a Freelance Writer for hire to a Web Design Company

As a freelance writer for hire many web design and web development companies overlook the value of a professional writer as part of their service offering.  Web designers and web developers are great at creating amazing websites, apps and other digital solutions. However, they sometimes lack the copy writing skills…
Google SEO

Fake Flowers and How to win at SEO

Everyone who has a website or online store of some kind wants to be found on Google. Playing the SEO game is like a casino and in some ways is just as addictive as gambling. In 2016 it has been estimated by various organisations that $65 billion was spent on…
change freelance writing

Freelance writing: How to change from a Commodity to Premium Service

I have been freelance writing for a few years now. When I first started out I recall writing for food and my very first gig was a humble $15 deal for some company who helped freelance writers.  Today that $15 deal seems a long time ago as $1000 plus jobs…

Freelance Writing: Real Reward

As a freelance writer I have the opportunity to do things, go to places and meet people that many people will never get and… I am paid for it. However, there days when I get to have the freedom to do something far more rewarding and then there are days…
website content

Survival and Success: The importance of Website Content and Copy

Three words define the survival and ultimate success of your website: Content is King.  These three simple words define a website and it is these three words that any webmaster must constantly consider. Websites are not like a magazine, newspaper or a book, a website has to catch the attention…

5 Reasons Why Hiring a Freelance Writer is Good for your Business

As a business owner, you have to wear many hats. One of the most important parts of your business is marketing, but this vital component for generating and sustaining business often gets shoved to one side. Marketing gets moved or neglected because of other projects, so-called “real business” takes over.…